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Capital Ring Walk Map of the Capital Ring Walk It’s easy to forget just how green London is — this engaging walk offers a chance to savour some of the capital’s most glorious scenery. 15 easily walked sections divide these 78 miles (126 km) — magically retained within London’s suburbs as Metroland spread outwards — and leave you free to enjoy it all at your own pace.

Along the way the commons and open spaces form important nature reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest and there are over 50 surprising places to discover: from the Art Deco splendour of Eltham Palace to historic Abney Park Cemetery. You can picnic in the splendour of metropolitan parks that were once grand country estates or wind your way through parcels of tranquility under the canopy of the Great North Wood.

Whatever your age you’ll enjoy looking out for those industrious Wombles as you cross Wimbledon Common and tracking deer as you roam through Richmond Park. There’s plenty of waterside walking too along the Thames, its tributaries, the man made Grand Union Canal and the 17th Century New River (which continues to supply London’s drinking water) — and it’s all within 10 miles of Charing Cross.

This website shows the official line of the trail. Occasionally it is necessary to divert sections of the route, contact the local London Borough for information about diversions.


The route is indicated on the ground by a variety of signs and waymarks, which are very similar to those of the London Loop. In open spaces they consist mostly of a simple white disc, mounted on wooden posts and containing a directional arrow with the Big Ben logo in blue and text in green (but note that in Richmond black replaces green due to local conservation area considerations). A word of warning: the arrow's direction may not be clear until you are close up. It is easy to assume that it points ahead, but it may turn - look closely before continuing.

On streets the posts are replaced by larger aluminium signs strapped to lampposts and other street furniture, and additionally carry a walking man symbol. On link routes to stations the word 'link' is incorporated into the logo. At major focal points you will also meet tall green and white signposts that give distances to three points in either direction. Some of these locations may also have the big, round-topped information boards.

Further information:

The 2010 edition of the official guidebook to the Capital Ring by Colin Saunders with photographs by David Sharp is available to buy (published by Aurum Press, ISBN 978 1 84513 568 3).  It was updated and reprinted in April 2012, (3rd Edition, Aurum Press, ISBN 978-184513 786 1).  The book is completely independent of Walk London.  You can read more about the author on his own website.


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