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Green Chain Walk Map of the Green Chain Walk Leave the bustle of city life behind for the green fingers of parks, woodlands and fields that embrace the capital from the River Thames to Nunhead Cemetery. You don’t have to walk all 50 miles (80 km) in a day so first investigate the 11 easy to follow sections online. Thank goodness the planners saved these 300 green and pleasant spaces from development in the late 1970’s; they are a welcome balance to the rest of city life.

Marvel at the modern day magnificence of the Thames Barrier before winding your way south through picturesque parks and commons. Look out for historic monuments like the 18th century Gothic folly of Severndroog Castle and the Art Deco glamour of Eltham Palace. Relax beside tranquil lakes and rivers – there’s often a fine display of birds at Southmere among the boats and fishermen. Climb the steps to Cox’s Mount and enjoy breathtaking views.

There are literally dozens of parks to enjoy — from the open common at Plumstead to the Local Nature Reserve at Oxleas Woods. And don’t forget Crystal Palace Park — which has been entertaining generations with its wildlife and dinosaurs!

This website shows the official line of the trail. Occasionally it is necessary to divert sections of the route, contact the local London Borough for information about diversions.


The routes are exceptionally well signed throughout. All its signs bear the network's linked 'G-C' logo and text 'Green Chain Walk'. In parks, woods and open spaces this is on solid wooden posts topped by a yellow arrow. Other signs are metal and have white logo and text on a green background. On streets a metal plate or fingers are attached to lampposts or other street furniture. At major junctions where a section starts, or where sections or links meet, fingerposts bearing the location name show distances to other key points, and there is often an accompanying information board for the whole network. It is planned that sections shared with the Capital Ring will have joint signs, and there will also be signed links with stations within 1.6 km (1 mile).

Principal promoters:

The network is jointly promoted and funded by the London Boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham and through Walk London. A project officer, who supervises co-ordination and administration, is based at the Green Chain Walk Project offices.

Further information:

A laminated pack (current price £3.50), containing an introduction to the network and route descriptions for each of the 10 sections, is available from the Green Chain Walk Project office, tourist information centres, some libraries and the council offices of LB Bexley, LB Bromley, LB Greenwich and LB Lewisham.

Visit to find information about the route, the Project Officer contact details and details of the fun and welcoming events such as the annual 'Green Chain Walking Festival'.


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